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The M4 Seniors Winter League. (2012)

The Constitution.

Aim: To provide a Seniors winter tournament for clubs who, have an 18 hole course, who would like to continue a competitive aspect to winter play for their members, minimum age 55.  It is anticipated that if sufficient clubs join then there could be a number of mini divisions formed with the final being a knockout between division winners. There should be no more than 6 teams in any division, thus minimising the number of fixtures to be played between October 1st and March 15th, a maximum of 10 matches per club, in a division of 6 clubs played on a home and away basis. There will be a maximum of 8 divisions covering 48 clubs. If more clubs wish to join, a waiting list will be established by application date.


Management will be by committee comprising of one member from each founding club. A secretary will be elected from the representatives. One of the club representatives will be elected as Chairman, for a calendar year. The committee will meet at least once a year. At a committee meeting the fixtures will be agreed for the year, if not completed then clubs to make their own arrangements and notify the Secretary as soon as possible who will co-ordinate the list and keep all results. There will be an annual £40 subscription fee payable by 1st June each year

All new joining clubs will receive an invitation to become a member club, the committee have the power to either cancel the original invitation or suspend or remove a club/s immediately if necessary, any club/s that threatens the integrity of the league.

Failure to pay any overdue subscriptions can be grounds for suspension until the problem is resolved.

Any action taken by the committee can be instigated by member clubs who have to provide the basis of their concerns.

Serious matters will be referred to the foundation members for ratification of committee proposals.

The committee will also make arrangements for the presentation day, where a club will host representatives of all clubs to golf and lunch.


Teams will normally meet at /from 08:30 am for coffee. The first tee time should be no later than11.00 am, or at a time agreed by the Captains of each club. Match fixtures will be reversed for the second year to enable clubs to experience the conditions at different times of the year, continuing in the same vein year on year.

Format of Play

Each game will be Match Play, 4 pairs on each side, four-ball, better ball.

 A handicap allowance of 0.9 against the player with the lowest handicap in each four ball match will be used to determine where shots are given/received.

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Matches to be played off yellow tees / MARKERS

Home team Captains to ensure that the YELLOW TEES/MARKERS are set for a measured course.

A maximum handicap of 25 will apply to all matches. On the day of the match: home club rules to apply along with the rules of golf to be as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. All players must have an active handicap and be able to produce a Congu handicap certificate if requested.

See guidelines and information details for Club Captain’s.


Points awarded as follows: 2 points for overall home win, 3 points for away win, 1 point each for a halved match.

lf matches cannot be played or completed due

to: say, inclement weather, or both.

Clubs will attempt to re-play the match during the season, advising the Secretary of the

revised date. lf that is not possible both clubs will be awarded I point.


The decision on refreshments rests between the clubs in each match.

Possible options.

Refreshments can be in a variety of forms, depending on the catering facilities at the home club. It would be easier if clubs operated a reciprocal hosting arrangement, but a pay as you go approach could also be possible. If so, this should be arranged by the captains of each match when exchanging teams. It is advisable that adequate notice is given to kitchen staff in order that supplies are in place. If a pay as you go method is adopted, then the home captain should give a guide price to the visiting captain for distribution.

Possibilities are; a full English breakfast, with sandwiches and chips after, or no breakfast but a brunch type lunch, or no breakfast but with sandwiches and soup after, or each person purchases bar snacks that are available.

Bonus points:  These can only be won by away teams.

These will only be used if there is a tie at the end of the league fixtures.2 bonus points will be awarded for each winning away pair per match, with a point being awarded for a halved match.

Deciding Winning Club of each Mini Division

ln the case of clubs in the same mini division finishing equal on points at the end of the season, in deciding the winning club, the following criteria will be used.

1. The winning side will be the club winning the most matches in the season.

If still equal, then the following will be applied in order:

2. The side winning the most away matches.

3. The side with the most bonus points,

4. The side with the most aggregate points in the matches between the tied clubs.

5. The total aggregate winning margin in all individual matches will decide.

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Results must be reported, by both sides to the league secretary, by e-mail within 48 hours of the match. The Secretary will circulate the latest league table to club representatives.

Determining the Finalists.

The final will be played on a neutral course.

With 8 mini divisions. Each division winner will provide the 8 quarter finalists who will proceed into a knockout tournament to arrive at the finalists. There will be a playoff for 3rd place on the final’s day between the loosing 2 semi-finalists.


It is agreed that each foundation club will contribute a share towards the purchase of a Championship trophy to be presented to the winners. The trophy cannot be won outright but will be held by the winning club for one year. Each yearly winner will cover the cost of engraving the trophy plaque, which will be arranged by the Secretary to ensure that engraving is kept the same.


The Chairman will enquire of the foundation clubs who would be prepared to host golf followed by a presentation lunch, at which all clubs are required to send 4 representatives. The golf will be in a stableford format where all players will be in mixed teams, all members of each team will be from different clubs. At the end of lunch the overall winning league club will be presented with the championship trophy. There will be a prize for the winning team on the presentation day.

New Entrants.

A registration fee of £10 will be required from any new club joining the league. This is in addition to the annual subscription. New entrants will be placed in any DIVISION initially, but this will be reviewed in the bi- annual division allocation. The management committee from the foundation clubs will address this problem when the need arises.


If an appeal is made it should be notified by the claimant to the opponent either, after the shot is made, or before teeing off at the next tee, or during the match or at the conclusion before leaving the final green.

The team captains should endeavour to reach an agreement on an appeal before the match result is given. If this cannot be made, then the appeal should be passed to the committee. No result should be given.

The details of the appeal must be notified in conjunction with the team Captains over to the League Secretary who will arrange for members of the league subcommittee to adjudicate. The decision will be passed back to the Secretary who will inform the club/s of the subcommittee’s decision.

As the appeal involves the result of the match, then the awarding of league and bonus points will not be made until the outcome of the appeal has been resolved.

Should the offending club not accept the committee’s decision, then the appeal will be assed over to the R & A Rules Committee to consider and make a final ruling.

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All this procedure will be handled by the League Secretary.

Summer Knock Out Cup:

Following the success of the league, it has been decided to offer a Summer Knock Out tournament. All clubs are invited to participate, but it is not compulsory as we know some fixture lists are congested and may prevent entry.

Clubs will be invited in January and a random draw will take place for round 1. A deadline for matches to take place will be given.

If the match result is not available by the deadline both clubs will be eliminated.

For subsequent rounds a random draw will take place with deadlines

Any winning home team will be drawn away in the next round, thus ensuring that no team gets continued home advantage.

All clubs entering will feature in round 1.

Rounds 2,3 or 4 will attempt to arrive at 8 quarter finalists to proceed to the final.

The final will be on a neutral course selected from a club that has played in the tournament and will be selected by the committee.

The format of play will be as per the constitution.

There will be no bonus points in this competition.

Complaints procedure.

It is hoped that by following all the guidance and regulations there would not be any complaints made however, if a member club wishes to complain then the following procedure applies.

1. All complaints must be in writing to the Secretary.

2. Any complaint must have all supporting evidence submitted at the time.

3. The Secretary will consult with the committee, and if needed the foundation clubs to arrange a meeting.

4. A full investigation will be undertaken and may lead to seeking advice from the

 R & A Golf.

5. The committee may seek a meeting with all concerned.  

6. Once a decision is made the result is final.

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Foundation Clubs.

Below is a list of the foundation clubs who set up the league on this date the 14th  day in the month of November  in the year 2012.

Badgemore Park Golf Club. Henley

Calcot Park Golf Club Reading    Resigned 2019

Harleyford Golf Club Marlow

Laleham Golf Club   Staines    Resigned   2015

Richings Park Golf Club Slough

Royal Ascot Golf Club Ascot

Temple Golf Club Maidenhead

Weybrook Park Golf Club. Basingstoke

Associate Clubs

West Herts  Watford

West Berks. Newbury

The above information forms the constitution of the M4 Seniors winter league, which came into being on the 14th November 2012. Updated following the 2019 AGM.

Henry Gardner.

(Elected Chairman)                                6th June 2019

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